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  Cinnamon Key Rental
Vacation Home on Private Island
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Waterfront Ranch
Up to 11 guests.
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  Citrus County is the home of the Manatee.  

Snorkel with Manatees in Crystal River or the Homosassa River. Amazing wild animals that just love to play with you! You probably thought you were coming to be entertained by a manatee. If you spend time with them, I think you will find they get as much or more out of it than we do. I swear I saw him smile as he swam away. With all of the bright colored wet suits we wear, the manatees are probably thinking, that boy's mama dresses him funny. Or with a mask and snorkel on our faces maybe he thinks, boy now that's a face only a mother could love. Ha ha. Who knows, but manatees seem to love to come by and say hi. It has been one of my favorite things in life. For your manatee encounter we recommend Crystal River Manatee Tours.

If the manatees don't like playing with us why does this area have the only increasing population in the world? Many manatees even come and spend the summer with us. There are some that aren't even going back to the sea. Kind of like me… visited a few times and just never left. Please enjoy your time in Crystal River and be respectful to the Manatees because they have feelings, too. If you come to Crystal River or Homosassa Florida for vacation, don't miss the best wild animal encounter you will ever have.   

If you don't want to get in the water and snorkel with them you can go to the Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park. It is one of the top Manatee research locations in the world, and you'll love the fish bowl. This provides the best viewing of Manatees since you are in the fish bowl and the Manatees are in the natural springs. They love to pose for pictures and will even do spins and rolls when they see a camera. What hams! You'll have to see for yourself and make your next vacation here in the Nature Coast of Florida, the Home of the Manatee!

Not only can you see manatees here but also dolphins that call the area home - especially in the Ozello Keys, an area of over 300 small islands. Here you will find lots of privacy and free kayaking if you stay at Paradise Found Island. So come spend time with manatees and dolphins, catch red fish, trout, snook, tarpon, flounder and more and have the time of your life.

You can experience the real Florida island living as it would have been in 30 years ago by stepping back in time on this private island home rental. But with all the amenities the island has, 45' solar-heated pool, 2 spas, 45' Tiki hut with granite counter top wet bar, 14 kayaks and 2 canoes all at your disposal. You can make your vacation a vacation of a lifetime, for just a few more dollars than a hotel stay. Feel free to call toll free with questions.



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